Swingbed Program

Swingbed Program

Since 1998 Muleshoe Area Medical Center has geared our services to the personal and unique needs of patients who find themselves between acute hospital care and home.  Swingbed patients are no longer in need of critical care, but they need to be be guided to a less intensive level of medical care.  Continuous rehabilitation services are needed in order to regain independence and strength prior to being discharged.  The swingbed program is federally approved by Medicare and Medicaid and most insurance companies cover swingbed services for qualified patients.

The swingbed patient is typically a Medicare recipient who has improved form acute care and has been referred by the attending physician to receive skilled care and rehabilitation through the swingbed program.

Examples of swingbed patients are:

  • Stroke Recovery
  • Diabetes, Cancer, CHF
  • Rehabilitation following major surgical procedures such as knee and hip replacement
  • Pain Management
  • Amputations & Traumatic Injuries
  •  Resolving Conditions requiring IV Therapy
  • Wound Care




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